[plug] OT: seeking similar drive for a data recovery

caston at arach.net.au caston at arach.net.au
Sun Apr 5 12:21:28 WST 2009


I used to be able to at least get the drive up in the BIOS after it had warmed up
a bit but it seemed to be reporting the wrong size and some of the information
about the drive when displayed in spinrite had funny characters from rarely used
parts of the ASCII table.

I was hunting around for another drive that is the same and similar and in my
media centre PC I have a 40gb WD400BB note the drive I want to recover the data
on is a WD400JB.

I thinking of somehow trying to get the WD400JB firmware onto the WD400BB drive
and move the platters over. The other possibility of course could be to move the
logic board just in case that helps and would save me the risk of exposing the
platters to dust.

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On Sun  5/04/09 10:34 AM , caston at arach.net.au sent:
> Does anyone know what *utility* you use to update the firmware on WD
> drives?

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