[plug] Gnome's annoying Windoze-isms

Daniel Pittman daniel at rimspace.net
Sat Apr 11 23:48:05 WST 2009

Ishwor <ishwor at posix.algorithmfreaks.com> writes:
> Daniel Pittman wrote:
>> Jason Posavec <jasonposavec at iinet.net.au> writes:
>>> I run gnome primarily because it is meant to be faster and lighter
>>> than the KDE alternative,
>> This has never been true to any measure I have found, with the one
>> exception that without prelinking the C++ code used to cost more in
>> startup dynamic linking overhead.
> I agree to Daniel in that Gnome has larger binary inter-dependencies
> than KDE.

Um.  I didn't say that, and I don't think it is (strictly speaking)
true, although the list of dependencies does support a view that the
FreeBSD packaging of it has more independent packages.

The KDE dependency tree, often, a smaller number of large packages,
while GNOME is a larger number of small packages.

Regardless, they are both approximately the same size, complexity and
difficulty to install[1] in production.


[1]  That is, zero trouble for the sensible parties among us who are
     either developers of the platform, or simply use the distribution
     provided packages.

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