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David Anderson david.anderson at null.net
Thu Apr 16 10:20:16 WST 2009


My work is running low on MS Office licences at the moment, and following
my suggestion, the boss is looking into a complete switch to
OpenOffice.org to save purchasing new Office licences. Myself (running
Ubuntu) and the boss (running XP) are currently the only ones exclusively
using OO.o as an office suite.

The boss is looking for some local training on OO.o, and we'd probably
send about 10 people if we find it. The changeover most likely wont
happen if we can't find some training. Looking to focus mainly on Writer
and Calc, hopefully with a little bit of coverage of Impress and Draw and
-maybe- Base. Does anyone know of any individuals or institutions that
can provide this, or is anyone on the list sufficiently competent with
most/all aspects of OO.o to take it on?


David Anderson

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Tel 08 9300 1844

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