[plug] moving mail in postfix

Matt Kemner zombie at penguincare.com.au
Fri Apr 17 11:00:46 WST 2009

Hi Jon

On Fri, 17 Apr 2009, quoth Jon L. Miller:

> We have a mailbox that has mail in /var/mail/username that we would like
> to move to another user.  Is there a way to move this file (username) to
> another? Is this some sort of copy command to append the file to the new
> user?  I'm using aliase to redirect any new mail, but currently we want to
> see the old mail mail.

It's just a text file, so you can append it using normal unix tools


cat /var/mail/oldusername >> /var/mail/newusername

The >> means append, single > means overwrite

 - Matt

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