[plug] Still going for $0: PCs - plus mobile phone, probably 7Mp DSC

Leon Brooks leon-plug at cyberknights.com.au
Tue Apr 21 22:47:09 WST 2009

If you would like a PC, typically about 1-1.5GHz, 256
or 512MB of RAM, random number of tens of gigabytes of
hard disk, CRT (not flat) screen, raise your hand now.

Reformatted, with Ubuntu Jaunty installed. Naturally
includes OpenOffice, Firefox, GIMP, heaps of other stuff.

I also have a mobile phone which is about to be retired.
Not at all locked. Works 100%. Was Southern Cross Telco
(carrier was actually Telstra). Mundane still cam, video,
BlueTooth, no USB, no GPS. With charger. I need to copy
the numbers from it, then wipe it. No SIMM card will be

I have a Canon A470 Digital Still Camera, with a crushed
display panel. If the panel cannot be replaced simply &
cheaply, I will give it to the first asker. It will be
replaced with an A480 (10 megapixel, otherwise identical).

It still works 100% but you can't see what it is doing
(no viewfinder, no menus). It takes 7 megapixel stills,
video clips, uses standard AA cells (including NiMH
rechargeables) & standard SD Flash cards.

One set of NiMH rechargeables included, probably not an
SD card, but may turn out to be 1GB, worth several hundred
frames. 3.4x optical zoom.

Cheers; Leon

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