[plug] Setting up LDAP, Samba and other services using LDAP.

Evert van Dijk evert at silver-sword.net
Wed Apr 22 16:11:56 WST 2009

Looking for onsite assistance here. 

Is there anyone in Perth, or willing to travel to Perth, that can assist me in implementing a setup here. 
I am migrating an existing samba setup to include LDAP for authentication with a Windows domain. 
The LDAP will have some additional services that use it for authentication including a Zimbra Mail Server and possibly Squid Proxy. 

I have been following serveral howto's but so far nothing has been as succesful as I expected. I could continue to slug away at it and I will eventually get there but it will be a lot more efficient if someone came in with me and helped me set it up. 

I am using CentOS 5.x and have played with a number of LDAP setup tools including Webmin and LAM. I am not devoted to the LDAP tools but the CentOS is kinda important so am not likely to move to Debian or anything. 
The servers I am setting it up on are not in production so we can delete data as required. 

If you are able or know anyone who is able please contact me on this email on or off-list or on my mobile number below. Give me a rough indication of how long it is likely to take and your hourly rate. 

Thanks in advance. 



Evert van Dijk BBus (MIS & e-Commerce) 
PgCert (Computer Security), PgDip (Internet Security) 
0418 919 902 
evert at silver-sword.net 
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