[plug] eCommerce apps, where to begin

Bernd Felsche berfel at innovative.iinet.net.au
Wed Apr 22 17:39:25 WST 2009

Gregory Orange <gregory.orange at metoceanengineers.com> wrote:

>Someone in my family would like a website to sell stuff and I'd love to 
>help them out. I said I'd investigate, but to be honest I've had 
>practically nothing to do with webapps, beyond a little Apache config 
>and Tomcat app migration.

>I won't go into full details, but here's a gist of what I have in mind: 
>There will be lists of things that a customer can buy. Combo boxes to 
>select region and some other broad categorisation. Then one tick box 
>will select a predetermined list of items, alternately one could 
>individually tick items in the list, and further there would be a 'more' 
>button to see items not on their list.

>The rest would be as per a pretty straightforward online store.

>Can anyone tell me where to begin learning and what might be involved? 
>At my level of knowledge, am I totally the wrong person to be doing 
>this, and should hire someone, or at least hire someone to teach me? I'm 
>willing to put in the time (and some money, this is for a small business 
>after all), and I don't think it's highly urgent.

Why not use something that already exists like osCommerce?
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