[plug] Kubuntu friendly smartphone

Bob ahvohsh8 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 23 19:40:07 WST 2009

Time to upgrade the mobile phone - I'm sick of having to work around wince so 
I thought I should ask locally what is recommended. (Asking in a list with US 
access means it's flooded with chatter about CDMA or similar trailing edge 

Looking for something that will reliably synch appointments in both directions 
(mobile <->PC) and have good clarity of phone conversations. It will need to 
be either Telstra or unlockable and <=$500. Everything else is optional.

I looked at the Neo Freerunner but choked on US$89  for shipping via UPS 
(which I've had too many DOA deliveries from in the past) :(. Didn't have any 
luck with negotiating another delivery method so it looks like that is a no 

So... any ideas? Resources to browse? 


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