[plug] OS virtual meeting applications?

Kirk Turner gameldar at gmail.com
Thu Apr 30 08:56:15 WST 2009

2009/4/29 Skribe Productions <skribeproductions at gmail.com>:
> Have you considered a 3d immersive virtual environment?  Second Life is
> probably the best well known but there are lots to choose from.  Some even
> run in your web browser. Drop me a note off-list if that's a direction you'd
> like to explore.

Another option along those lines that is free to use is Project
Wonderland (http://lg3d-wonderland.dev.java.net/) from Sun (and gets
used a lot by the disperse wonderland team). I used to be involved
with it (so you might see my name on some of the lines of code...
although I'm guessing they'll have been replaced by now) but haven't
had time recently. Running on a linux server it renders any X11
supported app and has shared controls and integrates phone software as
well for those without web access.

It would be worth a look at least.


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