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Lucas van Staden lvs at dedmeet.com
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It is also worthy to note that MS qualifications seem to 'expire'.

Having obtained my MCSD in 2004, it is now marked by MS as expired
They even removed my online profile.

Not sure if this happens to other 'brand' qualifications.

Thus, by getting the MS qualification, it does not mean it will be with 
you for life....

I never bothered updating it with the new exams, as it had never come 
into play when getting a job.


Jon Miller wrote:
> Cisco is always a good certification to have.  It really boils down to what
> you plan to do.  If you plan to work the corporate sector (e.g. work for a
> corporation) then yes it'll help, but not as much as real life experiences.
> If you have both then you are set.  I've had certifications from Compaq,
> Cisco, MS, Novell and a few others, in the end I work for myself and my
> clients do not ask for certifications they ask if I can perform the task.
> The real thing to keep in mind is to always be willing to read and learn
> more than you know. This can be in the form of attending workshops, classes,
> etc even if it's a one day or one week.
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> Ok, so this is slightly On Topic, but probably more Off Topic. Being a
> newly married geek, 5 years out of school, and having worked many
> different jobs in my working life, I'm ready to get some
> qualifications to assist in getting a job. Can anyone suggest which
> certificates would be most useful in the IT world (Cisco, Linux,
> Microsoft C..P etc etc), and the best way to get them in Perth. Tafe?
> Night School? Online courses. For those that don't know me, I'm a very
> bright guy, and have lots of programming and network knowledge and
> experience, just no formal qualifications in it. I'm more geared to
> Networking and Web applications but have good knowledge of the
> backends too. My current project I am working on is a Hotspot complete
> package, utilisting a custom Ubuntu install, captive portal and custom
> written administration software. (totally automated system, put CD in,
> it installs automatically, login to admin console, start adding users,
> start selling internet access!). I have managed small Domains (Samba)
> using a Linux server, and mostly windows clients, with the occasional
> Linux client. If you want to know more about my skills and projects,
> contact me offlist for my resume. Otherwise, hopefully someone on list
> can guide me to starting to get my qualifications so companys are more
> likely to hire me.
> Oh, and I would rather not go to uni, due to the fact it's really not
> my style and I don't enjoy it, but would consider it if required.
> Thanks
> Tim
> p.s. I AM back in Perth now, so hopefully I'll see most of you at the
> next seminar!

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