[plug] Broadband providers.

Richard Meyer meyerri at westnet.com.au
Sat Feb 14 23:45:34 WST 2009

Hi all,

Just a general question about broadband providers. Some of you may
scream I should be posting on the "Off-topic" list, but WTF, it's for a
few Linux boxes ....

Let me set the scene.

I am. at present, living in Currambine. A suburb, well serviced by POTS.
I have a 8Mb/s line from Westnet.

My wife and I have bought a house in Clarkson (SOMERLEY, to be exact),
where we are told that they have "cable". The cable provider is
"E-something" ... sorry.

Any ideas of how to go about moving my connection to Clarkson?

Any suggestions welcome.

Richard Meyer
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William Pitt, 1783

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