[plug] Looking For A Web Guru (Again)

Trevor Phillips trevor.phillips at gmail.com
Mon Feb 16 10:08:37 WST 2009

Yes, if this is sounding all too familiar, it's because I've been
going through all this drama again. Here at Murdoch Uni we're in need
of a new Web Analyst Programmer, as our previous Guru has decided to
return to full time study.

The official write-up and application details are at:

The position has a mix of tasks, including mostly application support
mixed with software development. The job lists Windows and Unix, and
we do have both environments, but our core environment is
Debian/Apache with Perl/PHP, and a light smattering of Java for Oracle
Portal. Strong HTML, XSLT, JS/AJAX also very useful.

If you know anyone who might be interested, please let them know this
is available. I'm happy to field any questions about the position,
although formal applications have to follow the guidelines and be
submitted to Human Resources.

The office is also within easy walking distance of the famous Murdoch
Campus Asian Food aka "Curry Shack" for all your spicy lunch needs.
(Hey, mentioning this last time seemed a bigger draw than some of the
other features of the position! -_^)


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