[plug] Unattended reset of ADSL modem

Senectus . senectus at gmail.com
Tue Feb 17 11:21:40 WST 2009

Sorry if you've already been there done that but have you thoroughly
troubleshooted the modem?

I'd try things like turning off functionality that might be overworking it
(wifi used to kill one of my old modems, as did torrents used to bring
performance to an all time low).
If you can afford some down time, turn off everything so it's just a NAT
router.. see if it drops again.
If it doesn't in the expected time frame, start turning things on and
waiting for it to drop again...

Is it getting too hot?

Firmware updates?

Also some ISP's are really good at giving you info about why you lost
connection, both WestNet and Amnet have been very helpful at relaying that
info to me when I requested it...

Ubuntu Hardy 8.10
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