[plug] Postfix issue

Jon Miller jlmiller at mmtnetworks.com.au
Mon Feb 23 15:33:28 WST 2009

Problem is no one is getting the mail.  I sent myself a test message from
the local lan and no mail showed up in the user mailbox on their desktop
which is OL2003.

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"Jon L. Miller" <jlmiller at mmtnetworks.com.au> writes:

> I'm having an issue with Postfix.  Mail is sent from users desktop it gets
> to the mail server and the qmgr removes it.
> Feb 23 15:01:36 linux-gw1 postfix/qmgr[13582]: 1821F16324:
> from=<jlmiller at desborough.com.au>, size=2428, nrcpt=1 (queue active)

...the message enters the queue...

> Feb 23 15:01:36 linux-gw1 postfix/local[15358]: 1821F16324:
> to=<rebecca.smith at desborough.com.au>, relay=local, delay=0, status=sent
> (delivered to mailbox)

...the message is delivered to the final destination, and...

> Feb 23 15:01:36 linux-gw1 postfix/qmgr[13582]: 1821F16324: removed

...the message is removed from the queue.

> Any reason why this is happening?

The "status=sent" part of the second line indicates that Postfix has
delivered the message; in this case "sent" => successful delivery.

Having it removed from the queue after delivery is pretty normal. ;)

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