[plug] mounted network drive

Evert van Dijk evert at silver-sword.net
Thu Feb 26 15:26:26 WST 2009

mounted in the fstab file 

//    /mnt/nas   cifs   0 0   

if it makes a connection each time the system requires to read from/to the resource then it is exactly what I want from it.

Thanks I will keep playing with it.

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Evert van Dijk wrote:
> Just a quick question - if you have a mounted network drive in the fstab 
> file. Does it reconnect automatically if there is a temporary network 
> dropout? 

Mounted how? NFS is stateless. ie there is no connection to loose. Sort 
of.  Assuming you still have the same IP address.

I don't think any network filesystem would ever require maintaining a 
TCP connection, so you shouldn't have a problem.

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