[plug] Cheap Linux-friendly SATA/PCI Controllers

Trevor Phillips trevor.phillips at gmail.com
Wed Jan 7 10:23:01 WST 2009

I have a PC at home that's rather short on disk space, but doesn't
have onboard SATA. However, I'd rather buy SATA disk to be more
future-proof. Replacing the whole PC isn't financially viable at this
stage. ^_^

Is there anything in particular to look for in SATA PCI Controllers to
ensure decent Linux compatibility, or are they all pretty standard and
well supported?

The drive won't be the primary/system drive. It's just for data...

Any recommendations to such controllers and their availability in the
Perth region?
The current options I'm toying with include:

The cheaper the better, since it's a stop-gap until the PC eventually
does get upgraded. ^_^


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