[plug] Cheap Linux-friendly SATA/PCI Controllers

sothisistheinternet sothisistheinternet at gmail.com
Wed Jan 7 13:24:56 WST 2009

On Wed, Jan 7, 2009 at 10:23 AM, Trevor Phillips
<trevor.phillips at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have a PC at home that's rather short on disk space, but doesn't
> have onboard SATA. However, I'd rather buy SATA disk to be more
> future-proof. Replacing the whole PC isn't financially viable at this
> stage. ^_^
> Is there anything in particular to look for in SATA PCI Controllers to
> ensure decent Linux compatibility, or are they all pretty standard and
> well supported?
> The drive won't be the primary/system drive. It's just for data...
> Any recommendations to such controllers and their availability in the
> Perth region?
> The current options I'm toying with include:
>   http://www.auspcmarket.com.au/show_product_info.php?input[product_code]=AL-AT-CPASA-1&input[category_id]=430
>   http://www.austin.net.au/ProductList/ProductDetail/tabid/104/ProductCode/IO-PCI-SATA-2P/Default.aspx
>   http://www.ple.com.au/?p=snapshot&inventory_id=6541
> The cheaper the better, since it's a stop-gap until the PC eventually
> does get upgraded. ^_^

I have a PCI SATA card (2 port) that I used to add SATA ports but is
now resting in its packaging waiting for the day when I add even more
drives. Until then, you're welcome to try it out and see if it meets
your needs - I got it from Austin computers but I think it's a Besta
card, not a Sunix card (I think I have a Sunix IDE controller here as


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