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> On Fri, Jan 09, 2009, Patrick Coleman wrote:
> > Yep, this has been happening for some time now. Ask Adrian for a
> > rant sometime, but I believe the gist of it is that the transit
> > between the exchanges and QV1 costs money.
> >
> (I'm not the Adrian you're looking for, but that won't stop me..)
> Peoples' ideas of what shoudl be "free" with ISPs is coloured from
> the days of WAIX.
> Sorry, those are long gone.
> Being at the ISP isn't guaranteed its free. Being at WAIX isn't
> guaranteed to be free. Users raped both of those far too hard.
> Adrian



The total bandwidth is equivalent *saturating* a gigabit link...

Someone has to pay for it...

What's funny is comparing Amnet (approx 200Mb up /100Mb down) with iiNet
and their charged uploads (100Mb down / 200Mb up). 
Especially since iiNet houses so many mirrors and Akamai/Cachefly
servers, and Amnet's data centre's are so dinky :)

Only issues with iiNet's DNS that I've had are occasional NXDOMAIN
returns, but those outages are usually over pretty quick. I use OpenDNS
as secondaries so that customers never see any real downtime and because
geographically and route-independent services are a "good thing"(tm).

Craig F.

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