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gavin chester gavin.chester at gmail.com
Sat Jan 10 10:07:29 WST 2009

I can only hazard a guess that previous versions were customised
mandriva packages since I don't recall ever seeing such options in
fedora and suse versions of konqueror. All i get under 'tools' that is
vaguely the same is 'html settings' :-/ If i'm right, you could try
rolling back to an earlier konq. or check the mandriva lists to see if
someone has dealt with this issue.


2009/1/9 Martin <mn8_linux at westnet.com.au>:
> Hi,
> Can anyone let me know how to obtain the option in Konqueror web browser that
> provides 'Web Archive'
> i have always used this in previous versions of this browser,
>  but now with a fresh install of Mandriva 2009 free dvd, this is missing,
>  as are a few other features that i would still like to use, such as the
>  'html tools'
> These were available from the drop down 'Tools' in the main tool bar.
> any ideas ?
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