[plug] Wireless-N router for faster wireless....

Lucas van Staden lvs at dedmeet.com
Tue Jan 20 01:40:17 WST 2009


I stream media using MediaTomb to my PS3,  and when any of the other 
machines are very busy on the network, then the PS3 media stream lags, 
and the video stutters badly.

On my home network, I have my webserver, my media server, my office 
machine, two laptops and of course the PS3.

I am wondering about possible ways to improve the speed (or more 
accurately, available bandwidth) between the media server and the PS3, 
when I am busy with a stream.

First thoughts - Hardware upgrades:

I am considering updating my 'g' router to an 'n' router, and thus also 
updating my network cards to 'n' compatible ones.
I know the PS3 can only do 'g/b', but I figure if I upgrade the rest of 
the network, to 'n', then the PS3 stream will have more bandwidth 
Is my assumption correct here? Chances are that once the other machines 
have more bandwidth available, they will just hog it all again, and I 
will be back to where I started.

Another option would be to go with the 'n' upgrade above, but also get 
an extra router, and connect that direct to the PS3 wired network port, 
and thus get the ps3 to get onto the 'n' network.
Again, the other machines could just hog more bandwidth, as there are 
more available.

Second Idea:

Throttle the other machines when I stream to the PS3.
Personally I think the throttling would be the best (and cheapest) 
option, and one that I can actually control.

Any thoughts on this please, on how to improve the PS3/MediaTomb streams?


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