[plug] Converting PDF file from 2-pages in one.

Mike Holland michael.holland at gmail.com
Tue Jan 27 15:28:56 WST 2009

gavin chester wrote:
> As you would know the pdf code can allow an author to dictate many

Actually, I really know nothing about PDF.

> is there any chance that the publisher has specified 'facing pages' in

Doesn't look that way. The properties show 18 A4 pages, rather than 36 
A5 ones.

I tried some tools, but they complain that it's encrypted.
"Evince" manages to display it OK, and allows you to select and copy the
text, but the formatting is a mess.
   A professional 'pirate' would just print-to-file, run OCR, and save 
it as HTML. A casual pirate can just share the original file. I don't see
the point in trying to DRM it.

   Oh well, at least I can view it in Linux, and on my N800 (Linux PDA 
thingy). Having to pan about is a bit annoying though.

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