[plug] Groupware on Linux: state of play

Fred Janon fjanon at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 6 17:46:05 WST 2009

Not sure if you are looking only for free solutions or not? What's your definition of groupware? Mail and Calendaring?

I am considering using Google Mail, Calendar and Docs for some of my customers. For a fee that I think is reasonable, they offer features that we cannot beat with an internal infrastructure in SMEs. They feature missing at the moment is sharing contacts in GMail, which can be done only using a shared folder with Exchange (as far as I know).

I looked at Zimbra but the issues that I have with the Zimbra desktop take forever to be fixed. So it doesn't inspire me confidence. The future of Yahoo is also uncertain, what would happen to Zimbra if Microsoft buys Yahoo?


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Subject: [plug] Groupware on Linux: state of play
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Anyone able to point me to an up to date summary of groupware options on
Linux, or give any insights as to what works and what doesn't?

I'm looking more to the needs of small (and maybe mediumish?)
enterprises that don't have complex setups or experienced IT staff.

So far I'm starting to look at Zimbra and open-exchange.  Any others I
should give serious considerations too?

As far as features are concerned, I'm looking for compatibility with
outlook for mail and calendering features.  All else is candy really as
that's what end users mostly know about.

Tim Bowden

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