[plug] Groupware on Linux: state of play

Daniel Pittman daniel at rimspace.net
Sat Mar 7 17:48:58 WST 2009

Fred Janon <fjanon at yahoo.com> writes:

> Details here:
> http://www.zimbra.com/products/product_editions.html
> free = no support, no advance admin (including online backup/restore),
> no mobile support...
> If the client can live with that, the free version is good enough. I
> can't tell my clients to stop working to backup their email, that's
> why I would use the non-free one.

Well, you can still use an offline backup and restore process, or you
can use the "tar" exporter for all your accounts to obtain a suitable
dump per-mailbox.

I currently use the former[1], but will be moving to the later at some
point soon since it gives me much more efficient storage of the data and
metadata in our backup system.[2]

I don't know your clients, obviously, but generally running a nightly
backup with a few minutes downtime should be sufficient for any business
that isn't world-wide...


[1]  With LVM snapshots, so downtime is ~ five minutes.

[2]  BackupPC, which pools common content, so will only record the (much
     smaller) changes each time.

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