[plug] setting up LDAP for the first time

Evert van Dijk evert at silver-sword.net
Sun Mar 15 18:34:39 WST 2009

Does anyone have any suggestions for a tutorial or a how to for setting up LDAP or Openldap for the first time. 
I have managed to install Openldap using webmin, but it does not allow for creating OU (Organisational Units) unless I am using it wrong. I have the Tree (root) and I have been able to remotely connect with a LDAP browser but I have not created users or resources yet. 

I will be using it to authenticate Samba and mail users (either Zimbra or Open-exchange or some other groupware). and to have security groups for authenticating access to folders and printers. 
Using CentOS 5.2 

I am currently in the test/evaluation stage and using virtual machines (Xen) so I don't mind blowing the whole thing away and starting from scratch if required. 

Thanks in advance 



Evert van Dijk BBus (MIS & e-Commerce) 
PgCert (Computer Security), PgDip (Internet Security) 
0418 919 902 
evert at silver-sword.net 
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