[plug] Free computers for people in need

Kev kdownes at bbnet.com.au
Mon Mar 16 18:51:40 WST 2009

G'day John,

You could try Computer Angels (http://www.computerangels.org.au/), or 
there is a group at Mudrock Uni which does exactly that.  Their name is 
"8Ball" (http://www.guild.murdoch.edu.au/services/8ball/).

Jon L. Miller wrote:
> Does anyone know of any organisation that supplies used computers to
> people who are in need?
> There is a student who has some disabilities that really could use a used
> computer. He cannot afford one and since he has started at Tafe I'm being
> told he will not make it through his studies without one.  Since he has a
> disability it is difficult for him to make to the library.  Also I'm told
> that the students at Curtin OT are trying to help him and are willing to
> teach him if they had a computer.
> Also does anyone know of an organisation that pickup old used computers?
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