[plug] Dovecot login problem

Jon Miller jlmiller at mmtnetworks.com.au
Mon Mar 23 14:32:23 WST 2009

Sorry Daniel you're right a full disclosure would help.
The mailserver is a Debian 4.0 server and as I've stated it is running
postfix as its mta with Mailscanner and Sophos for handling anti-virus
issues.  Using tshark I'm able to capture the information when a user logs
in.  So far all users from this one domain that tries to login are having
this issue, these users are virtually hosted on this server. I can see mail
come in to their mailbox, but they cannot access it when they login to check
their mail.
Disable_plaintext_auth = no
Log_path =/var/log/dovecot
Ssl_disable = yes


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"Jon Miller" <jlmiller at mmtnetworks.com.au> writes:

> We are using dovecot for pop3 and postfix as the mta.  Whenever a user
> tries to access the mail remotely tshark is showing ?ERR
> Authentication failed.  Can anyone explain how to fix this?

The end user should type the correct password.

Seriously, you didn't give us anything much to work with here:

You mentioned that postfix is in use, but this seems to be a strictly
Dovecot related problem, right?

Have you checked the Dovecot logs for any reported errors?

What is the authentication back-end you are using?

Are you sure the user /does/ have the right password?

Does this happen for all users, or just some?

Where are the accounts coming from, the Unix password database, LDAP,
a virtual store of some kind, or what?

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