[plug] Filesystems for slow networks

Bernd Felsche berfel at innovative.iinet.net.au
Tue Mar 24 16:35:52 WST 2009

"W.Kenworthy" <billk at iinet.net.au> wrote:
>On Mon, 2009-02-16 at 07:48 +0900, Bernd Felsche wrote:

>> I'll let you know. At the moment, OpenAFS is still the front-runner
>> with Coda a close second. Too few options for comfort, which is why
>> I'm asking for suggestions of others (and possible gotchas).

>You probably need a versioning system like subversion or similar for
>real control, but  WebDAV seems made for what you want, though it
>depends on the interface you need.

I have deployed a very rudimentary WebDAV for now. After a fiddle
with UseBasicAuth in the registry, even got Windows XP clients to
work; mostly.

Windows "Shared Folders" almost work; but the disfunctions are
nearly devastating: Have so far found that it doesn't handle
filenames with ampersands at all well (so I've had to rename
directories and files) and that Microsoft Word can't use any files
in the shared folder as mail merge data. It vomits at the URL, even
when that's established by browsing to the file's location in the
web folder.
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