[plug] [OT] Is there a open source SAN file system that works on Windows?

Daniel Pittman daniel at rimspace.net
Wed Mar 25 08:38:00 WST 2009

caston at arach.net.au writes:

> Unfortunately Windows clients need to connect and have multiple
> read/write to a shared ATA over ethernet AoE device.
> Does anyone know if there is a file system and appropriate file system
> driver that will allow Windows to do this?

The Microsoft Cluster services support this.  Is there some reason that
doesn't work for you, or are you ...

> Preferably something free. Failing that I guess we're going to share
> it from a machine or spend a little more on a NAS box.

... trying to do this without buying the actual cluster support from the
OS vendor?

Sadly, you are probably going to find using a NAS is overall less
costly, since shared disk storage also requires all the other basic
cluster support: quorum, heartbeat, configuration, and so forth.

IBM GPFS and Quantum StorNext both have clients available for Windows,
but I doubt they will bring you much joy on the cost front.

Really, I advise that you just but a NAS, or the Microsoft Cluster
Services software.


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