[plug] Dell with Ubuntu for $160

Fred Janon fjanon at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 26 13:44:55 WST 2009

On zazz.com.au

Dell Optiplex Desktop Computer
with Ubuntu fully installed for $159.75
or XP Pro fully Installed For $239.75

+$19.95 shipping

A Dell Optiplex GX520 for HOW much?  I told them the customers will think we're joking, it being so close to April 1st and all, but we're for real - $159.75 with Ubuntu or $239.75 with XP Pro, and you get a gig of RAM and 80 gigs of HD space in the box!  With the money you save on this desktop computer, you can upgrade the desk itself - I'm thinking, black granite with stainless steel legs...
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