[plug] Access speed to Amazon Web Services in Singapore?

Fred Janon fjanon at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 13 16:38:47 WST 2009

Amazon announced a new zone in Singapore for 2010. Does anyone know if access would be faster from Perth than accessing the services in the US?



AWS Announces Expansion into Asia
has announced an expansion of its services into an Asia-Pacific region
in the first half of 2010, enabling businesses to deploy compute and
storage resources in close proximity to their end-users in the region. AWS customers will be able to access AWS’s
infrastructure services from multiple Availability Zones in Singapore
in the first half of 2010, then in other Availability Zones within Asia
over the second half of 2010. AWS services available at the launch of the Asia-Pacific region will include Amazon EC2,
Amazon S3, Amazon SimpleDB, Amazon Relational Database Service, Amazon
Simple Queue Service, Amazon Elastic MapReduce, and Amazon CloudFront.-----------------------

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