[plug] Linux Tux T-shirts, PS:LCA2010

Z. Cliffe Schreuders c.schreuders at murdoch.edu.au
Sun Nov 22 01:57:33 WST 2009

Hey guys,

I wanted a couple of minimalist Linux T-shirts, without any "funny" text 
etc, so I whacked some together. Mostly just the simple vector version 
of Tux with a few vector shape flourishes. Mainly dark colours such as 
military green, red and black.

It is done through printfection.com which, according to the reviews I 
have read, are a better quality product-on-demand site than cafepress. 
Although their dark colours are "in beta". They print directly onto the 

Anyway I am just about to order myself some and thought I'd let you guy 
know in case anyone else wants some without going to the effort themselves.

As I was informed via spam, you can get/ free international shipping/ if 
you spend over US$25, if you use the coupon code *WEHEARTU *before the 
end of the day (or to be exact 22/11/09 13:59 PM EST). Everything is in 
USD, although the Aussie dollar is pretty strong at the moment.



PS: Mark up is currently $5. Let me know if you think that is 
unreasonable as I can adjust it.

PPS: I am presenting at LCA again this year.
Do many PLUG members attend?

Post-post-postscript: Thanks again to all the PLUG members who 
participated in my research!
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