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Tue Sep 1 14:47:24 WST 2009

On Tue, 1 Sep 2009, Trevor Phillips wrote:

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> Subject: [plug] Looking for a Web Guru
> Yes - still/again.
> It seems very hard to find good Perl programmers in Perth - or even
> talented programmers in other languages willing to tackle a good bit
> of Perl. PHP programmers are a dime a dozen - but finding GOOD PHP
> programmers seems difficult too.
> Does anyone know anyone interested in a Web Programmer position?
> Full-time, but details are negotiable.
> While web apps development is the crux of the job, there's also a
> degree of Debian sysadmin & support duties.
> Main skills required:
>  *Good adaptable programmer, with experience in Perl and PHP
>  *Good relational DB skills - preferrably MySQL & Oracle
>  *Strong HTML, XSLT, JS/AJAX
>  *Experience in Debian server administration
>  *Experience in Apache administration
>  *Experience in Catalyst framework, Template Toolkit, FastCGI,
> mod_perl, useful but not required
> The position is at Murdoch University within Web Services, a section
> of IT Services. The responsibilities are quite wide, but with some
> pretty deep programming required.
> If you know anyone who might be interested, please let them know this
> is available. I'm happy to field any questions about the position.
> Any tips on where to find & hire decent programmers would also be
> appreciated! ^_^
> Thanks!
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Are you still at Murdoch?

I note that the message, as shown above, came from a gmail, rather than 
a Murdoch address, which seems weird, for a position at Murdoch, unless 
you are now a private consultancy, supplying technical staff by contract 
to Murdoch.

Murdoch once had a degree in Internet Programming. Has that degree now 
been eliminated? I would have thought that a student/graduate of that 
course (if it still exists) should be appropriate for the position.

Bret Busby
West Australia

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