[plug] Dspam header test

Daniel Pittman daniel at rimspace.net
Mon Sep 7 17:36:44 WST 2009

Michael Holland <michael.holland at gmail.com> writes:
> 2009/9/7 Daniel J. Axtens <danielax at gmail.com>
>> >From memory, people on gmail.com were getting their headers mucked up
>> (IIRC!).
>> Being a gmail person, are my headers alright?
> But you should never begin a line with "From ", as it tends to screw up the
> mbox format, or get a '>' inserted even when you are not quoting.

Bah!  If people still have problems with email delivery, or MUAs, not coping
with that they deserve everything they get.

Curmudgeonly yours,

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