[plug] grep regex on command line with pipe?

Lucas van Staden lvs at dedmeet.com
Thu Sep 10 15:33:20 WST 2009


Wonder if someone could clarify if this is possible.

Do a regex match on the command line, using grep, but using the pipe to 
match 'regex or'?
(in my instance I am doing an invert grep match, so example has the -v)


I want to grep a file but ignore all lines with 'foo' and 'bar'

Obvious way is :

grep -v foo file | grep -v bar

I was just wondering if that could be done using only one grep with regex

grep -v --regex=foo|bar settings.json

, but the pipe is handled as a file pipe...

Tried this way and that, same result.
Not found any immediate answer with some quick googling

Just curious, am I missing something obvious?


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