[plug] gdm configuration and kde4

Steve Boak sboak at westnet.com.au
Sat Sep 12 14:34:23 WST 2009

Hi all

I have recently updated my Debian laptop to KDE4. Apart from the once when the 
update completed, I can't run KDE under either gdm or kdm - KDE doesn't come 
up in the list of session types. My session options under gdm at the moment 

Last session (selected)
1, Run Xclient script (I think this is the last session - runs GNOME)
3. Secure Remote connection
4. TWM
5. Failsafe GNOME
6. Failsafe Terminal

My question is: where are these options defined - in a file, or is the list 
dynamically built, because I can't find a configuration file anywhere 
containing these options.

How do I add KDE4 to the list of sessions?

(been googling for the last couple of hours with no luck, but I do know lots  
more about gdm than I did a little while ago :-)


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