[plug] Samsung CLP-310

Bret Busby bret at busby.net
Fri Sep 18 17:36:24 WST 2009

On Fri, 18 Sep 2009, Peter wrote:

> Interestingly, the images I was referring to were PDF documents (full colour 
> brosures).  I do agree however that it is a software issue.  I actually think 
> its the Linux CUPS print driver.  My Printer works just fine from Windows, 
> including photos.  It works well enough from Linux for 'business graphics' 
> (letter heads, charts, etc) which is what I bought it for but is unacceptable 
> for photos or complex colour images:  They come out over-saturated and quite 
> dark.


your mention of the CUPS print driver is quite interesting, in relation 
to this.

I currently have a thread on the Debian Users list, asking why a Debian 
5 clean install, and, two separate Ubuntu 8.04 installations (one on 
the laptop, with the Dbian 5 clean install, and, one on this desktop, 
with this Debian upgrade 4 -> 5), automatically installed the CLP-300, 
without me having to do anything, apart from physically connecting the 
printer, yet the Debian 4 -> 5 upgrade resultant system, will not allow 
the installation of the printer.

The only response that involved a fix (sounds a bit like a bandaid fix), 
so far, avoids using both the foomatic-gui printers manager and the 
System -> Administration -> Printing utilities, and, suggests instead 
using the CUPS facility at a URL.

The comparative printing that I had done, was via the Ubuntu 8.04 
printing, and I have no idea as to what manages the printing in that, as 
I did not have to do anything, to get the printer going, other than 
physically connecting it, and turning on the power switch.

"Black Box printing" !


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