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Kev kdownes at oceanbroadband.net
Mon Feb 1 12:39:40 WST 2010

Bret Busby wrote:
> On Sat, 30 Jan 2010, David Buddrige wrote:
>> Date: Sat, 30 Jan 2010 14:06:49 +0800
>> From: David Buddrige <dbuddrige at bigpond.com>
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>> Subject: Re: [plug] trying to buy a linux netbook
>> thanks everyone for your advice and suggestions.  I picked up an eepc 
>> 1000HE this
>> morning from PLE.  Came with XP, but I also picked up an external dvd 
>> reader/writer
>> so I can load up ubuntu.  It's a bit annoying, but such is life I 
>> guess.  The
>> computer itself is a beaut. Lovely, and light and handy.  Thanks 
>> again everyone.
>> cheers
>> David. 8-)
> If you had waited a little bit, whilst it does not meet all of your 
> specs;
> go to http://www.coles.com.au/Default.aspx and scroll across to:
> "Acer eM250 eMachines Netbook $389 at Coles";
> http://catalogues.coles.com.au/portal/offerdetails/acer-em250-emachines-netbook/12645461225072?CatalogueID=12640265798067&tab=list&N=4294924703+501&Ns=OfferOnPage%7C0&source=productlist 
> "Acer eM250 eMachines Netbook
> $389.00
> Starts 28 January - Ends 03 February
> 10.1" LED screen. Wireless connections. Integrated webcam. Multi-in-1 
> card reader. Weight 1.1kg. Microsoft Windows XP. 160GB hard drive disc 
> 1GB RAM. Intel Atom Processor 1.6GHz. 1 year warranty."
>> From 
> http://www.liliputing.com/2010/01/closer-look-at-the-emachines-em250-netbook.html 
> ;
> "if youre looking for a more detailed overview, YouTube member a1mega 
> has posted an 8 minute video showing the netbook running Windows 7 
> Starter Edition as well as Jolicloud, a custom Linux distribution 
> designed for netbooks.
> The laptop has a 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270 CPU, 1GB of RAM, a 250GB hard 
> drive, and a 3 cell battery which should be good for 3-4 hours of run 
> time. The keyboard looks decent, although the touchpad looks pretty 
> small to me."
> So, it appears to be compatible with linux.
> In going to amazon.com, the netbook, with a 250GB HDD can be delivered 
> to WA, for total cost of about $378.
> For a longer batter life, a model is available with an 6-cell battery, 
> for up to 8 hours battery life, for 50USD (about 55AUD) more.
> :)
> -- 
> Bret Busby
> Armadale
> West Australia

Don't know about the "Acer eM250 eMachines Netbook ", but from 
experience (twice) and from forum discussions I'd leave SSDs a very wide 
berth.  Apart from their unreliability they're slow, expensive and use 
absolutely no less power.  The Linux based machines tend to have SSDs 
and less RAM.  The Wintendo based machines tend to have more RAM and 
real hard drives - 160gb+.

Check out some of the problems with SSDs here abd other sections of the 
same forum.  I'd bet that the Asus forums are much the same wrt SSDs.


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