[plug] trying to buy a linux netbook

Kevin Shackleton kevins at reachnet.com.au
Tue Feb 2 05:54:37 WST 2010

The weasel words on https://www.alwaysinnovating.com/store/home.php
suggest they haven't actually made any yet - if they get enough orders
they'll glue the product together from a couple of Chinese suppliers.

Maybe that's a bit negative . .

Whereas the norhtec is shipping, with some similar features.

We are in exciting times.


On Mon, 2010-02-01 at 21:41 +0800, Jacqueline McNally wrote:
> For those that like to tweak see
> http://alwaysinnovating.com/home/index.htm A combination netbook and
> tablet, or can purchase separately.

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