[plug] cannot send mail to certain domains

Jon L Miller jlmiller at mmtnetworks.com.au
Wed Feb 3 14:12:47 WST 2010

Ok thanks for that I'll have a look.


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On Wed, Feb 3, 2010 at 1:58 PM, Jon L Miller
<jlmiller at mmtnetworks.com.au> wrote:
> Why would some domains work and others not?

I'm not a postfix user at the moment, but i've had mail and proxy
servers decide that info in /etc/hosts (or their own configs) is more
important than dns despite nsswitch.conf order.


>From my Australian host i'm getting dns timeouts.

I'm also attempting to telnet to port 25 of, and
getting 'Connection closed by remote host' from putty (no linux box on
that network)

So i'm guessing there are a couple of issues here.

Carl G
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