[plug] web server not coming online.

Peter demo9 at gswd.com
Mon Feb 8 16:11:11 WST 2010

Jon L Miller wrote:
> I should have been more descriptive about what I plan to do.  Since these
> are SCSI drives and I no longer use them I had plan to put a new drive
> (SATAII) with SuSE v11.  Then I would like to copy the contents of the old
> server on the newer server.  The only thing that runs on the old server is
> apache plus the 2 domains that I have.  So my question is can I copy the
> /srv/www folder and all it contents to the new server. I'll get a copy of
> the httpd.conf file as I believe it may be the only important file on this
> server.
> Jon
Hi Jon,

Copying /srv/www and the httpd.conf to the relevant locations on the new 
server should do the trick. 

You may also need settings from other files like your /etc/php5/apache2 
(or the equivalent on your server)  depending on your configuration. If 
you are not running any customised files (PHP5/MYSQL/ETC), then you 
probably don't need to worry.

Personally, I like to take a copy of the complete /etc directory 'just 
in case' whenever I replace a server.


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