[plug] Proposal to discuss @ AGM: Great Southern Area

Peter demo9 at gswd.com
Tue Feb 9 11:09:21 WST 2010

Hi All,

I'm just raising a question that has been put forward a few times in the 
past.  Like a number of the members of this list, I am based in the 
Great Southern region of WA (3 hours drive from Perth) and would really 
like the opportunity to meet with other Linux users but it's very 
difficult to get to meetings in Perth.  I was hoping to come to the AGM 
this year but once again am unable to do so due to other time/work 

If there are (still) others on this list who feel the same way, can I 
request that it be discussed at the AGM?  I am not proposing a new 
independent group (I still want to be part of PLUG & this list) but 
rather a "working group" or sub committee of some sort.  We could find a 
suitable location in the Great Southern to meet up and perhaps even 
setup some kind of (video) link at the same time each month, so we can 
join in on PLUG meetings and perhaps even have some 'virtual' pizza 
together??  (I have no idea if PLUG has access to a suitable internet 
link at that end but I could certainly provide one from this end using 
Skype or similar, if required - I'm not saying it has to be here 
(Katanning).  Just offering it as an option).

After all, if a bunch of Linux 'geeks' can't find a way to make this 
work, who can?

Any other Great Southern 'PLUGGERS' feel the same way?


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