[plug] What would encourage membership of PLUG?

Tim White weirdit at gmail.com
Thu Feb 18 12:07:49 WST 2010

On 18/02/10 10:49, Gregory Orange wrote:
> Just like with SAGE-AU's current and AUUG's relatively recent
> soul-searching, I reckon the question is "what do you want to
> achieve"? Personally I don't have any great desire to see PLUG as a
I think that is a great question, and one that should be put forward at 
the AGM (or after).
> booming organisation with hundreds of members. I am very happy with
> the mailing lists basically offering connection with part of the Perth
> IT community - with a strong Linux flavour. Of course, if the AGM was
> a bit of a fizzer that's disappointing. Hopefully it becomes a mere
> blip on the radar rather than a downward spiral.
Fizzer is a great word. Due to a lack of numbers, the AGM wasn't run and 
I believe it will be run in March instead.
> <snip>
> Oh and I second the motion to remind about dues - I don't recall
> paying mine in quite some time, but I'm more than willing!
Again, as I said in my reply to Bill. The system is up and running, and 
I'll try and make it send out reminders to all those who have expired in 
the past.


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