[plug] What would encourage membership of PLUG?

Tim White weirdit at gmail.com
Thu Feb 18 12:17:24 WST 2010

On 18/02/10 11:43, Bret Busby wrote:
> Hello.
> One thing, as previously mentioned, would be more central meeting places.
> When PLUG met at the Perth Technical College (or whatever it is now 
> named), and then, later, at Technology Park in Bentley, those were two 
> good, relatively central locations, and, we attended, and would have 
> rejoined - there was some query about membership fees, that was not 
> clarified (when it was at the institution "formerly known as" Perth 
> Technical College), but, as the membership fees appear to have not 
> increased since then, the $10 annual full membership fee, is 
> sufficiently low to make the original query obsolete.
> Also, when regular monthly workshops were held at the UCC, it was 
> reasonably central and convenient (the lugging of equipment, up the 
> tower, was not too difficult, and, most people now, have moved toward 
> portable computers, such as "laptops", "notebooks", and, the new toys 
> - "netbooks").
> When it all moved out to Christchurch, at Claremont, we decided, that 
> it was then, too far, and, too inconvenient, to travel.
> So, relocation, back to more central premises, could, I suggest, help 
> increase attendance and participation, at PLUG events.

I personally was over east when the move to Claremont happened, so I 
wasn't sure the reasons behind it. I personally also didn't find the 
extra 10 minutes from UCC to Claremont an issue, as I just end up 
leaving 10 minutes earlier (and now that I've moved, it's an extra 20 
minutes). But no, I do understand that those extra minutes can make a 
big difference if you are already making a big drive, especially as we 
often run overtime.

> Another thing to seriously consider, is the implementation of 
> virtualisation of meetings, so that people can virtually attend 
> meetings and seminars, via the use of applications like Ekiga, which, 
> I believe, should be able to enable virtual meetings, in the same way 
> as video-conferencing.
> I had suggested that for the AGM, but, as far as I am aware, nothing 
> really came of it (it could have made the AGM more of a success, if it 
> had been implemented?).

I think for the AGM, we didn't really have time. But I'm more than happy 
to try and assist with setting something like this up.

> <snip>
> A question or two - when as the last "Installfest"? How often are they 
> held?

The last installfest was many years ago now. (2004 I believe). Having 
been to many workshops, I personally wonder if an installfest is as 
useful as running regular (bi-monthly maybe) workshops and having the 
plug box setup to burn CD's, and do netboot installs. If people are 
interested in an installfest, then put your hand up, tell us your 
interested, someone who knows what is required let us know, and we'll 
make it happen. As someone else mentioned, if you want something to 
happen, start moving towards it and the community (PLUG) will usually 
get behind you.


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