[plug] gmail filters

Tim White weirdit at gmail.com
Fri Feb 26 09:53:05 WST 2010

You can create a really long "query" of not's that you'll need to update 
as new labels are created.

I have a saved search that goes something like...
-{label:PLUG label:Mailings label:Family .... }

This basically finds all messages with labels on them, then reverses the 
search (hence the brackets and the minus sign). In filters, put it into 
the "has the words" field.
In my quick test, this works as a filter, but I can promise it will 
work, due to order of gmail filters. And as I said, you'll need to 
modify it every time you add a label.


On 26/02/10 09:05, Dion wrote:
> Hi, um Google hasn't been particularly helpful here, so perhaps some 
> of you smart people can help :)
> I am finding the filters in Gmail pretty restrictive.
> I want to create a simple filter that finds everything in my mail sent 
> to a particular address, that is NOT already labelled then label it.
> I have multiple accounts forwarded to gmail because it makes a great 
> always on IMAP inbox.  The goal here is to grab all mails sent to a 
> particular email address, that have NOT been labelled by any other 
> filter and label it for that accounts "inbox".
> I appreciate any ideas you might have.
> Cheers.
> D.
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