[plug] boot from stick

Lucas van Staden lvs at dedmeet.com
Mon Jan 11 09:54:04 WST 2010

Hi Orm.

Just checking, as the fact that your cd does not have 'enough space' 
should not be right.

The image you downloaded, should be in the form of an ISO image (either 
cd or dvd)
The iso image need to be burnt as an image to a blank cd/dvd.
You must not burn the file as an iso file to an already populated cd.


orm wrote:
> Wading my way through the plethora of info i fetched Re: bigpond next 
> G - that may teach me not to ask you blokes for info; you asked for 
> it, now you have it! - but here i am again with more inane requests.
> The CD i have is short on space to burn LinuxMint-8. Can i extract 
> Mint-8 to a USB stick, then boot from the stick instead of from a CD?
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