[plug] boot from stick

Peter demo9 at gswd.com
Tue Jan 12 13:23:08 WST 2010

Orm (and others),

Just for future reference (as it appears you have already managed to 
created a bootable device).....

When we talk about burning an 'image' it's not just a matter of copying 
or burning the downloaded iso file to a CDR.

Think of it like this...

Imagine you have special guests coming for dinner:   you go to a great 
deal of trouble to set the table "just right" with all the cutlery and 
crockery exactly where it should be....   but then, to your horror,  you 
realise that you need to use the dinning room table for something else 
first (like building a new PC - that what I use my table for!).  Bugger!

You now have two options:  Take everything off the table (item at a 
time) and put it all away, only to go through the whole setup process 
again later.... or

(do not try this at home)

... you could grab the corners of the table cloth and pick it all up at 
once....  tie a big not in it and put it to one side until you are ready 
to set the table again....  (and now the tricky bit)...  by simply 
reversing the process  ;-)

A CD or DVD 'image' is like the table cloth with all the stuff folded 
away 'neatly' inside:   Burning the "image" to a disk is a different 
process to just copying (or burning) a single file to a disk, in the 
same way as putting the "knotted up" table cloth back on the table will 
not 'fix' your problem:  You need to unpack it too.

Look for the option:  "burn image to disk" or similar in the menu of 
your CD burning software: The process of 'unpacking' is automatic.

I hope this helps.....   (and for you geeks on this list...   I trust 
this was entertaining!   ;-)


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