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orm ormg1 at bigpond.com
Mon Jan 25 22:45:12 WST 2010

GDay Leon
Tricky-Dicky Smith has a signal booster for huawei modems, an e8140.

Leon Brooks wrote:
> On Wed, 13 Jan 2010 01:40:00 pm Peter wrote:
>> I'm planning to purchase a new pre-paid wireless
>> broadband modem (for Laptop) and while I am familiar
>> with a few models (having helped other people set
>> them up on Linux), I was wondering if any of you have
>> had particularly good experiences with any particular
>> modems and/or providers.
> Currently using a Huawei E620 with Virgin (real carrier
> Optus) for $34 per month, 5GB quota, 3G (equals NextG,
> CDMA).
> It works fine here in Albany, all of the way up the
> highway to Kojonup (ie Narrikup, Mt Barker, Tenterden,
> Cranbrook), reasonably well about 2/3 of the way to
> Williams (Beaufort), at Williams (seated in the Woolshed
> with one of their excellent coffees, for example) big gap
> from the grain depot north of town to the Yule Du
> Roadhouse (but same with 'phones).
> It works (just) in Tambellup, so I guess Katanning would
> be OK. Works in Cuthbert, Kalgan, Redmond, Chorkerup,
> Bakers Junction.
> At end of quota, you are clamped to about 160kb for 300MB
> then chopped (can only access VirginMobile websites). $15
> buys you another 500MB, clamped, which annoys me since
> when I first joined the plan (early 2009) it simply
> clamped to 128kb (which was bearable as long as you're
> not a YouTube addict) & stayed clamped until end of month
> (which happens to be the 20th for me).
> I think is nominally 1Mb but in Real Life about 1.5-2.5Mb.
> Cheers; Leon
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