[plug] eee pc 701 4G with remix: sound

David Dartnall darts at dialix.com.au
Fri Jan 29 15:44:39 WST 2010

Garry wrote:
> David Dartnall wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Perhaps someone could point me in the right direction please.
>> I've searched the net for clues but interest seems to have waned in 
>> the 7" eee pc's and most of what's there relates to earlier versions 
>> of eeebuntu... In the meantime I've rebooted about twenty times 
>> tonight to try and find the following pattern.
>> Booting from cold, the system plays it's signature startup tune and 
>> mp3 files can be played,  just by moving the cursor over the file in 
>> the file browser -  but if I open a terminal or run a process such as 
>> firefox, it kills any ability to play music until a total reboot,  
>> not from a restart, only after boot from dead.
>> Starting rhythmbox or vlc and trying to play from there doesn't work 
>> either.
>> Regards
>> Dave Dartnall
> Maybe start firefox with a blank page..
> http://www.ehow.com/how_4923340_remove-mozilla-firefox-start.html
> Regards
> Garry
Thanks Garry - not the answer tho'. It worked ok again today after a 
reboot but using Synaptic to add Thunderbird to the system killed the 
sound again. Seems as though running some processes do the damage.
I've tried the launchpad System Testing programme and a report has gone 
to them. I'll report back in the event that they respond but any ideas 
from plug would obviously be very welcome.

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