[plug] trying to buy a linux netbook

Lucas van staden lvs at dedmeet.com
Fri Jan 29 22:38:51 WST 2010


Have you checked, or considered the posiblity of getting one with no OS?
They may be available.


On Fri, Jan 29, 2010 at 7:24 PM, David Buddrige <dbuddrige at bigpond.com>wrote:

>  Hi all,
> I am currently in the market for a linux based netbook.  I've found a few
> models on the internet that seem to fit my needs perfectly (eg
> http://www.asus.com/product.aspx?P_ID=YxnYGjoMzEzmz0Hn)  - but then  I
> can't find a retailer who will actually sell them to me.
> They umm and ahh about solid state drives, but as soon as you mention linux
> it seems the shutters go up and you're sool.
> For example, although [for example] asus offer an eepc with linux
> pre-installed, no retailer offers them - I've tried Dick Smiths, Good guys,
> JB Hifi, and even PLE but they all say that the only netbooks they offer run
> windows.
> Does anyone know a retailer that offers netbooks running linux preinstalled
> in Perth?
> The main spec's that interest me in a netbook are:
> Lightweight - <= 1kg
> Battery life [as long as possible - 5+ hours]
> Solid State Hard Drive [>=16GB would be adequate to my needs but would
> consider 8GB depending on price]
> absolutely no bigger than 10" - I  want something that is tiny
> Linux pre-installed
> I like the eepc line, but would consider other machines.
> thanks heaps guys,
> David.
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