[plug] President's report

Patrick Coleman blinken at gmail.com
Sat Jan 30 14:54:00 WST 2010


As I can't make it to the AGM this year, I figured I'd send out a
quick report on what's been happening over the last year or so.

My main goal over the last year has been to keep the seminars running,
so they can be a regular event people can rely on (even when I neglect
to send out the notification until two days beforehand :). This has
mostly successful, and we've seen attendance grow to between about 15
and 30 people coming along each month for the talks and free-ish

On the technical front, Tim White has been doing a lot of great work
behind the scenes to keep the PLUG servers running and continue the
migration across to a new HP server we acquired a couple of years ago
from the Darwin LUG. My thanks to Tim for his work there, and to the
rest of the committee this last year for their support.

I won't be nominating myself for the President position this year - I
expect to have more commitments and so won't be around as much. I do
plan to volunteer for an OCM position in order to maintain a bit of
continuity, so I expect I'll see everyone at meetings once I get back
from overseas in April.

On the subject of the AGM, I would like to nominate Tim White for
President, with his permission. I do strongly encourage anyone else
interested to also nominate, for President or any of the other
positions -  it's an interesting role, and you get an opportunity to
shape the kind of organisation PLUG is becoming. You can nominate at
the AGM, or on the list beforehand.

Enjoy the AGM, and my best wishes to the new PLUG committee in 2010.



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